#face off . No bad comment :D PSttt
#face off letter c para saakin sa inyo ano
#face off
sino mas angat
sino mas maganda
sino mas famous

press (L) youw
#face off #like mother like daughter
--naghahamon c krisha akala nia mppxuko niya ko...
mi hermanita hermosa y yo
mahal na mhal kita babe your the one kahit na malayu ako sau langga your still the one :*
Fire And Fury - Skillet (requests below)
lindossss aki com a gata
Would you please stay and come inside, baby?
Would you please stay and please be mine?
mis mejores amigas y mas
par pupi espero qe te guste
pura ermocsura

pura ermosura
las mejores amigas de mundo
la familia romero ortiz
\"so what did you do this weekend\"
\"so what did you do this weekend\"
no soy la mas perfecta
mis hijos recuerdos pasados
It does seem that there is four of me.
GoOD aPtERnOon .. #face

..<\/3 alam nyu mas CUTE ang CHUBBY ,,, kaysa SEXY ..... uhuhuhuhuuh #AGREE <3 <3 <3

#simpLE #UGLy ;\/
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